Quick Delivery Services, Inc. has been a member of the GOA since 2007. In all honesty, this is the best business association that I belong to. My business would be classified as B2B and I have found that the relationships we have developed within the GOA have led us to some of my most lucrative accounts. It should be no secret that participation is the key component to success within the GOA. We attend a minimum of 2, most often 3 or more events per month. We highly recommend the GOA as an integral part of anyone’s marketing and business growth strategy.

Dave Melzer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Quick Delivery Services

GOA networking events have consistently brought us closer to local businesses and their loyal members have become loyal Lynfred Winery patrons! Have a GRAPE day! Votre amie du vin,

Christina Anderson-Heller Marketing Director, Lynfred Winery

Being a GOA member is like putting multiple area chambers to work for your business simultaneously. Membership and attendance fees are extremely affordable, yet in return we’ve gained access to an ongoing, dynamic range of educational and networking opportunities that help build brand exposure and facilitate new connections. Working on one or more GOA planning committees helps to reinforce these relationships even further. And as an added benefit, GOA oversees a diverse range of lead generation groups that suit a variety of business needs. I appreciate the way GOA strives to cover all the bases when it comes to ensuring member ROI: they leverage social media, vendor relationships, online newsletters, regular mailings, face-to-face events, and strategic partnerships with area publications to help every single dollar deliver maximum impact.

Marybeth Bittel, Director of Marketing Communications, American Slide Chart/Perrygraf

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for Chamber Net. I am a new/old member that recently rejoined the GOA. The energy is awesome at GOA events, but I was pleasantly surprised by the increase of energy at Chamber Net. I have made some really great contacts. One actually called my office for assistance and said that she met me in November, saw me again that morning at January Chamber Net and now had a need for my Logistic Services. I encourage every member to come to a Chamber Net, the networking opportunity is outstanding. It’s the best $10 I spend all month.

Laurie Carlson, Customer Service/Key Account Director, Airgroup A Radiant Logistics Company

Porte Brown LLC has been a member of the GOA Regional Business Association for over 35 years. I have personally been involved as a member of a G.O.N.E. group and the Board of Directors for over 25 of those years. On my first day at Porte Brown as a staff accountant, back in 1982, I attended the Golf Outing – not bad for a first day! I have met many great people who have become clients, contacts and, above all, friends during that time. I even made it to the local television and newspaper through my GOA connections. It has been a successful and rewarding relationship.

Tony Massaro, Partner, Porte Brown LLC

GC Realty & Development LLC has been part of the GOA since 2006 and has gained many great opportunities through the organizations network reach. Currently a majority of the building owners we represent and building’s we manage are located in the O’Hare market and many of them have come from the connections we made in GOA and GONE V. The value that our company gets in monetary return far exceeds the small dues it cost to be part of the group and we recommend on a weekly basis to companies we come across to join.

Mark Ainley, President, GC Realty & Development LLC

Being a part of the GOA has opened many doors for The Lucky Monk. There are many opportunities we have been a part of with much success. The Wine and Beer Tasting is a huge event for us! We touch more than 400 people in one night. In turn, they are touched by our product, which creates new customers for us. Attending events regularly and being part of committees has been rewarding and has had a positive return on creating relationships with GOA members. There are so many choices when it comes to dining in the area, our hope is with our participation in the GOA, members will have The Lucky Monk on their minds and most importantly in their bellies! We will continue our membership with the GOA, as it has provided a great return for our investment.

Claudia Ruiz, Event Planner, The Lucky Monk

Reebie Storage & Moving Co., Inc. - Allied Van Lines International – Chicago has found through the years that our networking experiences greatly improved once we started giving leads and referrals as well as hiring and utilizing other members when needed. It’s a very true statement that the more you give the more you get.

Sal Manso, President, Reebie Storage & Moving Co.

I have been a GOA member for six plus years, served on the Board of Directors as well as the Government Affairs Team. I have found the GOA to be one of the best advocates on behalf of business in the Chicago area. The Association is extremely attentive to member needs, aggressively advocates on behalf of member issues to our federal, state & local lawmakers, & genuinely cares about issues affecting business of all sizes, small-to-medium sized business included. If you are looking for a fast growing and dynamic business association within which to network & coalesce around business issues, the GOA is it.

Charles A. Krugel, Human Resources Attorney & Counselor

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